British Airways Gate 365 Shopping Portal

There isn’t much chatter about the British Airways Gate 365 Shopping Portal, but there should be. Long time readers know that I’m a huge fan of shopping portals, because they allow you to get even more value from purchases you are already making. It should come as no surprise that British Airways Gate 365 portal has some nice finds.

About the British Airways Gate 365 Shopping Portal

British Airways officially renamed their eStore to Gate 365 in November of 2013, so it has been around for a while, but their US stores are somewhat limited. It does however have an excellent selection on the UK version of the site. Focusing on the US Gate 365 site, they highlight a few stores that are their “Most Popular” – and some are nice options to see:

Most Popular British Airways Gate 365 Stores

Most Popular British Airways Gate 365 Stores

I’m sure some don’t look terribly exciting, but on average Gate 365 is double or better most of the popular stores:

  • Best Buy, Ebay – 1x
  • Walmart, Target – 3x
  • Macy’s – 5x
  • L.L, Bean – 4x (quadruple other airline portals)

Wrapping Up

While none of the offers are the type that would spur me to start looking at a store for personal or reselling purposes, it is nice to see that Avios points an option to earn via British Airways Gate 365. Besides, it is always good to have alternative options when you’re shopping online. Even better, Gate 365 is showing up when you search for the best cashback at Cashback Monitor, one of my favorite reselling tools.

Have you made a purchase through Gate 365? Please share your experiences in the comments.

5 thoughts on “British Airways Gate 365 Shopping Portal

  1. I really like Gate 365 but over the past few months the links and the site doesn’t seem to work right many times. It doesn’t build my confidence in the purchase tracking although I’ve never had any problems. I’ve sent feedback to the BA webmaster but it still wasn’t working right yesterday in my experience.

    • @DaninMCI – Thanks for your comment – That is concerning on the links issues, but glad things still track! It definitely seems like a small portal compared to many others.

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