Bad developments for manufactured spending, Chase Churning, New metal to Oz, Back to Basics, #PAS15 #Avgeek sneak peak

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Manufactured Spending



  • Oren’s Money Saver warns about retailer bans, having seen a few new bloggers banned in recent months. I’ve shared my own warning when it comes to manufactured spending (insert costo/USAA post)
  • Chasing the Points shares some of his gift card churning data. It’s really insightful, because inventory turnover is huge in this game.
  • In case you missed it – there’s an NPR Podcast – for those of you who resell for miles and points through portals, you’ll probably get a laugh (I did).

Back to Basics:

  • Sometimes it’s good to go back to basics, regarding finding award space, God Save the Points has a great reminder of the tried and true methods.
  • Chasing the Points dusts off a post from Dia the Deal Mommy about a “convertible credit card” – its a great way to start, if you’re not a seasoned credit card churner.
  • Travel Codex writes about American Airlines’ award routing rules. A good read if you plan to use AAdvantage miles for awards.


  • Skift has a great interview / write-up about JetBlue’s Executive Vice President Commercial and Planning, Marty St. George. The article, for me, really showed why culture can be such a difference maker in the airline business (Southwest gives similar proof)
  • Paris Air Show starts soon – Vietnam Airlines’ has a Boeing 787 there this year for some flying around. Here’s their practice:

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