Plenti Does Offer Value Like This One At Rite Aid

My friend Trevor doesn’t think there’s any hidden value behind Plenti, but I like to this promotion helps its case. Not everyone agrees that Plenti has any value to the program.

There is a promotion this week with June 13 being the last day at Rite Aid for OneVanilla prepaid cards where you can earn 500 Plenti points per card, which makes this offer an instant money maker, especially if you combine with a drug store bonus spend card. This works out if you’re already spending money at Rite Aid and earning some Plenti points is gravy until there’s better options.

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  • I tried to purchase 2k at rite aid and they told me they didn’t take credit cards. Is this a fluke, or common, or was 2k too much. This plenti could be helpful if you can use a credit card.

    • Jayson–I have 3 RA in my area, 2 take CC all the time when I buy OVs and the 3rd I don’t go to because they don’t take CC for GC. So, I think its YMMV by store. Or sometimes by cashier too.

  • Maybe it’s store specific but I use cc at RA all the time. This week the promo was as stated above at 500 pts per person…per day. Yesterday the RA clerk rang me up then looked at my receipt and gasped- OMG you have so many points! I figure they’ll come in handy for something someday.

  • The thing is they used to have similar promos where you would earn points/dollars, which could be spent only in RA. Now you can spend it in a few more stores. So it has more value, but not much.


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