Amazon FBA adds Discounted Shipping Partner

Amazon keeps adding features for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Sellers, in this case, Amazon FBA adds Discounted Shipping Partner. This has the potential to really help some, and doesn’t hurt anyone, a bonus in my opinion. Its amazing to see how much Amazon has changed shipping in the past year or so when I wrote the Shipping 101, Shipping 201, and updated shipping info posts. 

Amazon FBA adds Discounted Shipping Partner

Historically, Amazon has let you use your own shipping carrier, but they always had a preference for UPS. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve found UPS to be a great option. But, for those of you who may prefer FedEx, Amazon is now making it easier to choose them. Furthermore, it looks like Amazon now has a discounted rate with FedEx. Take a look:

Amazon FBA adds Discounted Shipping Partner

Amazon Shipping Service Choices


There has really been quite a bit of change with Amazon FBA when it comes to shipping. Most of it has been Amazon requiring more information like box level detail. But this latest development is definitely a positive. Who does this impact most? People who may not like using UPS, now have an option to get discounted rates with FedEx. Of course, every carrier operates differently, and every seller has their own preferences. In my opinion, more choice is a win for everyone. 

What do you think? Will you try using FedEx as your preferred carrier?

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