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  • Mrs. Pizza in Motion shares ways to combat sickness when traveling. She says it isn’t the recycled air that gets you sick (which makes sense).
  • Gary shares some advice on how to sleep well on short flights and beat jet lag. The only thing I disagree with him on is that I tend to have less trouble going to Asia than I do to Europe. For me, the longer 14 hour flights help with transitioning to a different timezone, as there is enough time to sleep and eat, vice shorter flights (even when skipping breakfast).
  • Seth reports that United will re-link the US with Singapore. This is huge, as Singapore Airlines had previously expressed an interest in re-starting SIN-LAX and SIN-NYC flights, to see United doing it from SFO (where Singapore Airlines flies, but with a stop in Hong Kong), its interesting. But I still feel bad for anyone flying that, given that even in “Business-First” with that B/E Aerospace seat, is, in my opinion, anything but comfortable.
  • Point Hacks reports Apple Pay in Australia now works. Of course Discover’s great deal is done (and I’m not even sure it would’ve made sense), but, there are bound to be other promotions in the future, so bookmark this one.

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