Wide Open Award Space to Hawaii for Labor Day 2016 on American Airlines!

Courtesy of a little bird, American Airlines is releasing a significant amount of premium cabin space to Hawaii next summer.

Checking for 2 seats, on the more common routes, we see a good amount of availability for DFW-OGG:
DFW-OGG Aug 2016
And, of course you want to get home, so here is OGG-DFW:
OGG-DFW Aug 2016
Perhaps you’d rather go to Kailua-Kona, well, the direct flight there is from LAX, so here’s LAX-KOA:
LAX-KOA Aug 2016
And of course, you want to get home, so here is KOA-LAX:
KOA-LAX Aug 2016
And for those of you with families, DFW-HNL has at least 4 seats on more than a handful of dates:
DFW-HNL Aug 2016 4 seats
and returning HNL-DFW, you’re also in luck:
HNL-DFW Aug 2016

Wrapping Up

Hawaii is always a fun place to visit. It is even more fun to visit when you can make it there on miles in a premium cabin. Even better, in my opinion, is the ability to make it there on one of the Dallas-Fort Worth non-stops to either Maui or Honolulu where you can fly in an angled lay flat seat on a 767. I’ll admit, it isn’t an amazing seat, but it is one of the best seats you will get to Hawaii, and I can attest to the seat being more than comfortable for a few hours of shut-eye, although I flew it 14 hours to Shanghai.
So, are you going to jump on this amazing availability?

2 thoughts on “Wide Open Award Space to Hawaii for Labor Day 2016 on American Airlines!

    • I totally agree! I’m a little jealous of West Coaster’s considering they can more easily make the hop over for a long weekend.

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