Would you sell your body to be consumed by others?

Update: It appears this may be one of those pervasive Fake News stories, and admittedly, it just seemed so exciting that I wrote about it. Sorry about that, but I’d offer it is still an interesting thing to consider.

In perhaps the weirdest story I’ve seen in weeks, there is now a Japanese restaurant in Tokyo nicknamed “The Resoto ototo no shoku ryohin” translated to “Edible Brother.” But they can’t really serve anything unless you choose to sell your body, or at least others choose to sell their bodies.

sell your body

You see, Japan passed a law in 2014 that permitted the consumption of human flesh. Now, we’ve all seen how this can go badly in movies, but, lets put that aside for a moment and consider the economics.

According to Steemit (perhaps apply titled given the topic), if you want to be part of the main course, you must decide before dying, to sell your body to a restaurant. You can earn roughly $36,000 dollars, however, only folks that die young can sign such a contract. I’m not sure why its limited to the young. Once upon a time, I had a most amazing steak in India at the Oberoi Amanvillas in Agra (where the Taj Mahal is), and I have to guess that the cow must’ve been nearly as old as I was. 

Would you sell your body to be consumed by others?

I realize that the title of this post is pretty clickbait, but, when I read the linked article, that was the first thing I was thinking. If you ask me, I certainly wouldn’t. But, would you?


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