Review: Emirates First Class Terminal – Dubai

We arrived into Dubai with only a few hours to enjoy the awesome First Class Terminal. I call it a terminal, but that’s really not accurate. You see the terminal building is geared for 5-6 A380’s, with multiple levels. The main level is open to all–aka Economy. The second level is the First Class level, which includes a spa, restaurants, a cigar lounge, and many areas for seating. The third level is for business class passengers. Unfortunately, I’ve never actually visited the business class level. I’m sure it’s lovely.

In Dubai you have to clear security to connect onward. We did that rather quickly, and made our way to the lounge.

Since we were fairly limited on time, we skipped the massages, instead opting to sit down for a brief meal. I enjoyed a wonderful Wagyu beef burger. Its not my first at the lounge, and it won’t be my last, it is just that good.


We also poked our heads into the Cigar lounge. I’m not a big cigar person, but, well, it was there.

IMG_1818 IMG_1820

Before we knew it, our flight was on Last Call, which really just means that boarding had started. I’m not a huge fan of the Middle Eastern airlines’ approach to boarding announcements, but, they didn’t ask my opinion. Alas, we boarded and were still among the first to board in the First Class cabin. No complaints there though, since they only serve Moet Chandon in the lounge, vs. Dom Perignon onboard.


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