Observation Deck: A Chat with Pizza in Motion

Episode 60 of the Saverocity Observation Deck was a fun one for me, I had the chance to chat with Ed Pizzarello who writes Pizza in Motion. I hope you’ll enjoy this week’s observation deck podcast: a Chat with Pizza in Motion.


Joe provided some updates and some tips from his Chicago trip in the intro, then it was to Ed and I.

We covered a number of topics:

I shared some background on why I wanted to have the chance to sit down with Ed, other than fact that we’ve talked about doing this for a while. Referencing the Go Around Principle that I wrote a few weeks ago about one of the interviews from Tim Feriss’ Tools of Titans.

Ed travels a lot for business, so he’s legitimately a target for many of the airlines’ frequent flyer change like American’s Devaluation. Ed shared the evolution of his airline loyalty in light of these changes. Like many of us, he’d go out of his way with a connection in order to fly American Airlines, but not nearly as often, as his recent Airline Elite Status: Mid-Year Check indicates.

There’s also a tidbit on hidden city ticketing.

We talked about Ed’s experience with frequent traveler communities such as his time as a moderator for FlyerTalk‘s Omni forum and his involvement with the founding of Milepoint which became Inside Flyer. We also talked about how Ed got involved with the Freddie Awards, and really highlighted what the Freddie awards mean. 

We finished off the chat talking about Ed’s first trip to Australia, where he ranked the Bridge Climb as a bucket list item. As one who is ironically afraid of heights, this is one item that probably won’t make my bucket list!


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