National Car Rental Executive Aisle Benefit

Perusing the National Rental Car Benefits for their Executive Aisle Members, there’s a “Virtual Aisle” option to reserve your car – they only reserve it for 15 minutes, but, I find it interesting that they will provide you details about the vehicle. Check out the video for more info.

The feature has been around since 2013, based on a View from the Wing post on the topic, and was further expanded to more locations in 2015. Guess its time for me to get the app!
Of course this also reminded me of my last two rentals. Its almost comical how long I take to decide on which car, and usually ends up with me doing a walk up the aisle, looking to see which cars have leather seats / heated seats. That seems to be one of my most preferred amenities in a rental car, especially when National is pretty good at having fairly new (sub 10,000 miles) cars.
Have you ever used the “Virtual Aisle” option with National? Second, What amenities do you look for in a rental car?

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