Introducing Amazon One

Yesterday Amazon revealed their new airline: Prime Air. Ok, they really announced it when they engaged in a contract for a handful of 767s. Well, Friday included the unveiling of Amazon One, including Prime Air’s livery.

Prime Air - Amazon One

Amazon One, courtesy of Amazon.

Don’t let the initial look of the livery make you think its plain or unimaginative. Its even better, just check out this video that my brother shared with me (because he knows I’m an avgeek and big into Amazon):

As you can see, the real treat is the belly of the plane, very similar to Emirates.

It gets even better. The Washington Post reports that the tail number for Amazon One is: N1997A, a prime number!

The article also reports that Amazon already have 11 leased planes flying (without the livery), and will grow to 40 total aircraft. Its truly impressive, how Amazon is truly growing as a logistics provider. I think we had an idea that was the case as I posted back in March, that Amazon is focused on Global Supply Chain by Amazon.

What do you think of the livery?


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