Fuel Rewards: Sign up to Save 25 Cents a Gallon with your first fill-up!

There are a lot of traits of points and miles folks that lend themselves to the pursuit of other savings, outside of pure travel rewards. One area where I think a lot of folks can get value from is saving on gasoline, especially given that we’re into the summer driving season.

Save 25 Cents a Gallon with Shell’s Fuel Rewards

Richard Kerr, founder of Award Travel 101 and Travel Grumps 101 (both fantastic Facebook groups if you are into miles, points, or travel, by the way!) has worked out a great promotion with Shell’s Fuel Rewards program that enhances the sign-up bonus by 5x. Normally a first time sign up will net you 5 cents a gallon on your first fill up. Richard has gotten this first time fill up to be 25 cents a gallon!

Shell Fuel Rewards, AT 101

Link:  Award Travel 101 Fuel Rewards Sign-up

Singing up is pretty easy, fill out the information below:

Fuel Rewards, AT 101

Once you enter your information, you’ll get an acknowledgement screen:

Fuel Rewards AT 101

If you log in, you’ll see options to earn, as well as where you stand. Here I was pleasantly surprised to see 30 cents a gallon and that I had been elevated to a Gold Member:

Fuel Rewards, AT 101

Wrapping Up

I don’t know many people that don’t have to drive once in a while. Shell’s Fuel Rewards program is a great program to participate in to get some level of savings on the gas you’re buying anyway. There are other great fuel rewards programs (thinking Safeway, Kroger, Weis), but, this is not one of those things where you need to be exclusive to one program. Save where you can, when you can. I hope you’ll give Shell’s Fuel Rewards a shot!

What is your favorite fuel rewards program? 

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