2017 Predictions, because, why not?

I’ve never made a post on predictions before, primarily because, I don’t like to think of myself as Nostradamas. But, you know what, it is a new year, so, 2017 Predictions it is!

2017 Predictions: Reselling

  • Reselling will continue to be full of great opportunities, but clearance arbitrage (my new term!) will get harder. We saw last year how Amazon restricted sellers and made it harder to get ungated
  • Retail and Online Arbitrage may get harder, but perhaps not as much.
  • Amazon will figure out a new way to combat counterfeiters, but it will hurt more new resellers.
  • Storage Fees will go up. (ok, fine, it’s an easy one!)

2017 Predictions: Loyalty

  • The Marriott-SPG merger will enter the hangover phase. SPG loyalists will be disappointed. Marriott loyalists might be happier, or just rejoice that others will share their despair. 
  • At least one hotel chain will introduce a new higher level redemption category.
  • Kimpton Hotels will become less rewarding, blame IHG. 
  • I can’t offer a thought on airlines, because, well, they killed loyalty in 2016 (except for Alaska, but, the writing is on the wall).

2017 Predictions: Credit Cards

  • Everyone and their brother believes there will be a new Chase Premium card, I believe Barclays is going to get their act together and figure out a way to enter the market.
  • Chase will add 1 airline Ultimate Rewards Partner.
  • Citi Prestige or American Executive will be further devalued. Citi doesn’t seem to have the stomach for the Premium Credit Card game.
  • American Express will enhance their Platinum cards (borrowing this from Doctor of Credit), but, that still wont’ compete with the Chase Sapphire Reserve.
  • Wells Fargo will fade away. Bank of America will continue to grow in prominence, but still fairly low value sign-on bonuses.

2017 Predictions: Miles and Points

  • Alaska will devalue their award chart. Cathay Pacific for 67.5k miles in First is just too good, it won’t last.
  • Qantas will figure out a way to be less rewarding.
  • Garuda will disappoint many after their 90% off award sale. I suspect the disappointment is more likely to come in service cutbacks, assuming more folks are successful in ticketing.


5 thoughts on “2017 Predictions, because, why not?

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    • So do I! But, the fact remains. Heck, from my perspective, all of the hotel chains that I’ve hitched my loyalty trailer too, are on the bubble of major devaluations.

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