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A summary of military credit card benefits, including annual fee waivers!

I was exchanging emails with Matt, and he was telling me about a woman at the Charlotte Milesmadness event, (during which I had to work) who told him about her son. He is an Army Green Beret, and after reading my below articles, he contacted Amex about his service time, and had gotten a large amount of money reimbursed to him as a statement credit, covering all the credit card fees he’d been paying, such as annual and late-payment fees, to the tune of over $2k! How’d he do this? A little thing called the SCRA.


As a military servicemember, you have a lot of perks you can take advantage of. And, if you’re reading any of the Saverocity blogs, I’m sure you have some interest in taking advantage of credit card deals. Fortunately for us, we have the SCRA, which stands for the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. In it’s most basic form, it protects you against outstanding credit card debt as an active duty servicemember. As far as I can tell, it says nothing about credit card companies waiving annual fees for military, but most of them do just that!


Below, I’ve included my posts from Military Frequent Flyer detailing how to get annual fee waivers from various credit card companies. (I haven’t included some like BoA or Discover, but I don’t have any of their cards! Sorry)


How to get your annual fees waived on Amex cards


How to get your annual fees waived on Chase cards


How to get your annual fees waived on Capital One Cards


How to get your annual fees waived on Barclaycard Cards


How to get your annual fees waived on Citi cards


How to get your annual fees waived on US Bank cards


If you’ve got one of these cards, and are paying an annual fee on it, PLEASE, follow the instructions contained therein, and get your annual fees (in addition to late payment and foreign transaction fees in some cases as well) reimbursed to you. And send this article to your friends to take advantage of as well.


Just to warn you, YMMV, as some of the banks are more permissive than others. For instance, Amex and Barclaycard almost always hook people up, but Chase and Citi in particular are much more likely to deny your annual fee waiver request.
And, if you’ve been on the fence about applying for a Barclaycard because of the annual fee, but are now going to get it, and want to give me some love, click through my credit card tab above. I never include affiliate links in my posts, but if you’re feeling grateful, thank you!

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