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>20% off at Home Depot and a little MS

Ok, I’ve thrown some really random things together today, so bear with me.


>20% off at Home Depot

home depot

I just got back from Home Depot, and it made me want to remind you – all military servicemembers get 10% off at Home Depot and Lowe’s, for all orders, which is huge! I took advantage of this in the Winter when I bought my refrigerator, and I just took advantage of it for another big purchase for my garden.


To get 20% off, buy a discounted gift card at Raise or Cardpool, making sure to go through a cashback portal first; I used TopCashBack and got a 9% egift card through Raise. I like Raise, because you can use the card either online or print it out to use at the store. You used to be able to get your 10% military discount online by putting the merchandise in your cart and then chatting with customer service, but they stopped doing that earlier this year. You must now show your CAC card in person in the store.


I calculated all the products I was going to buy, taking into account the 10% military discount, and then bought a gift card that was a little more than $75 less than the total price. Why, you might ask? Well, Amex sync has a $15 off $75 offer currently at Home Depot; you have to sync on Twitter by posting #AmexHomeDepot. I’ve synced 4 different Amexes using my 4 different Twitter accounts. I was also going towards minimum spend on my Amex Business Gold card, so all in all a good way to get rewarded for a purchase.


Taking into account all the discounts I accumulated, and the rewards from TopCashBack and Amex Membership Rewards, I saved at least 20% on that purchase.


Get paid to shop at Rite-Aid this week

rite aid

This week, through the 7th, get 7 +UP Rewards per Paypal My Cash card purchased over $75. I used the rewards from my initial purchase to offset the $3.95 activation fees from subsequent purchases. Remember that the Miles Professor won Miles Madness using these cards, amongst others.

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