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Do NOT Redeem Wyndham Rewards at Timeshares. Here’s Why.

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Our 2 bedroom unit at Wyndham owned Kona Coast Resort, which cost $279/week.

I’m doing a session next week at FT4RL DFW about hotel alternatives. Between the Hyatt program changes and this Wyndham Rewards news it couldn’t come at a better time. 

Wyndham Rewards has been all over the blogosphere lately- for some not so good reasons.  I’m still a fan of the program in general so you might think I’d appreciate the news that you can now redeem points for time share properties. 

I don’t.

For the same reason the Wyndham Credit Card is a terrible value a much better option is available for Wyndham timeshares: Endless Vacation Rentals (EVR). EVR is owned by Wyndham, who also owns RCI timeshare. EVR rents out their inventory at often jaw-droppingly low prices.

I’ve been quietly hacking Wyndham rentals for over 15 years.  Our family has rented 2 bedroom Wyndham apartments in Ireland for $549/week. Last August we spent $279 for a WEEK in Hawaii in a 2 bedroom Wyndham condo.

Wyndham Rewards charges 15,000 per bedroom for a timeshare, so a two bedroom unit will run you 30,000 points per night. The Ireland and Hawaii trips listed above run 210,000 points a week under Wyndham Rewards- for a redemption value of 1/5 to 1/10 penny a point. This may be the single worst value redemption in existence, and I’m including points for presents.

If you’re military or a vet, you’ve got an even better option: $349 weeks through AFV club. First responder? Try Heroes Vacation Club.

Using any of these sites is pretty straightforward: you just pick a week you like and buy it. 

If you’re really flexible, try SkyAuction. Wyndham Rentals there go as low as $199/week- I’ve rented in Tenerife, Ft. Lauderdale, and Vegas among others using SkyAuction.   Here’s a post detailing how I use Skyauction.

Even on a 1 night stay you might be better off buying the week, especially if you find it on Skyauction.  The one downside?  No cancellation.  Only buy with trips you have committed.

A quick caveat: I am talking here about the weekly rentals or the nightly rentals, not the “vacation packages” you might see on EVR. They are an entirely different animal. Consider the packages a discount for your time spent attending a timeshare presentation.  With a weekly rental you are NOT required to attend a presentation. Now I’m not saying you won’t get invited to do so, but you are under no obligation to do anything but enjoy your vacation

PLEASE take a good look at EVR and the other options I’ve mentioned before you think of parting with your Wyndham points at 1/10 of the value you could get using them in other ways.  And do come back and let me know about the Wyndham timeshares you’ve visited- I’m always looking for new ideas. 

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15 thoughts on “Do NOT Redeem Wyndham Rewards at Timeshares. Here’s Why.

  1. Gisele

    If I book through EVR, is it one of those deals where I need to sit through a 90-minute presentation? Thanks for providing this info.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Hi Giesle,
      Through EVR: If it’s a weekly rental, no. If it’s a “package” where they are throwing in attraction tickets, etc., likely yes. Be sure to take a good luck at the specific one you book.

      Through AFV, Heroes Vacation Club, or Skyauction: I don’t think they do any that require a tour.

      Good reminder- I’ll update the post with that caveat.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Definitely cheaper than 2 or more hotel rooms! I’ve seen up to 4 bedroom units. Please let me know what you find.

  2. Leana

    I agree and disagree with your post (but mostly agree!) I think it’s terrible value proposition when you have to stay a week and need a 2-bedroom apartment. I don’t know a lot of details on this whole Wyndham timeshares’ redemption option, but it doesn’t sound terribly exciting.
    That being said, I think Wyndham program has a lot of potential value. It just depends on the length of your stay and season. For example, we need two rooms for one night at Deerfield beach. I went ahead and redeemed 30,000 Wyndham points. Spectacular deal? No. But I got the points for $138 all-in via annual fees on my two Wyndham cards. I think it’s fair value for a nice beachfront resort with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. It would be hard to beat that unless you use IHG card certs or stay on PointBreaks. Obviously, if I had to pay $138 each night, it would be a different story.
    Granted, the 15,000 points’ renewal deal is dead, but the sign-up bonus can be good under certain circumstances. Mostly, one or two nights stays during high season or in expensive properties. And of course, “Fast rate” can be a great deal at 3,000 points per night. But I don’t accrue Wyndham currency via everyday spending. Not enough of an incentive IMO.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Hi Leana,
      I actually like the program for the cash and points redemptions and if you’re getting 1 penny/point, it’s all good. The “per bedroom” charge is crazy, though.

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  4. Roberta

    Thank you for the information on using this SkyAuction & EVR etc. I never knew things like this even existed.

    I went to SkyAuction in search of these certificates you mention and am completely lost.

    Do you have a video or post showing step by step where to search on SkyAuction, then where you look on Trip Advisor etc to get these good deals?

    Same with EVR etc, are there visual learning tools?

    Thanks again for the info, I love a bargain.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      …and yes, but only in person! I’m doing a session on EVR and Skyauction at FT4RL. Ticket link under “family travel for real life” tab above.

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  6. rob t

    this is a good option for people who are
    – staying multiple nights in one place
    – not traveling during peak season

    I tried to look for accommodations during ski season. The prices are good but you won’t be able to find availability for thanksgiving or Christmas week. With the limited vacation time provided by US employers, I find it difficult to avoid traveling during holidays.

    Hotel points are king for holiday travel.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      I agree, with the caveat that many properties limit or pull reward inventory during peak periods.

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