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Planning a Trip on the Eurostar Train? 4 Mistakes I Made So You Don’t Have To

Eurostar Train: Travel by train for less between London and Paris.

If you’re considering a trip on the Eurostar train, I hope this post helps you sidestep my mistakes.

The Eurostar was Deal Kid’s specific request for Camp Mom and after our other European train adventures I felt pretty sure what to expect when I arrived at Gare de Nord in Paris 30 minutes before departure.

Mais non, mon frere! I assumed the Eurostar was like any other European train. It most certainly is NOT.

Here’s a list of the mistaken assumptions I had which led me to miss my train:

Mistake #1: Do not expect a working elevator in either Paris or London. The lack of a working elevator, added to the crowds of people with luggage, added a good 20 minutes to our arrival at the boarding area downstairs in Paris.

Mistake #2: Do not expect the boarding area to be the actual boarding area. It is more like an airport check in counter.

Mistake #3: I had no idea I would go through passport control- not once, but TWICE.

Mistake #4: Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would miss airport security, but the metal detectors and X-rays for the Eurostar had me nostalgic for the good old TSA.

Fortunately, the Eurostars run about every 1/2 hour and they are so used to people missing their trains due to the ungodly long security lines that I was issued new tickets without question. This was in the middle of the afternoon when space was wide open. I wouldn’t want to chance that happening–or see those lines–at peak congestion.

I will conclude by saying that once we actually got on board, the Eurostar train ride experience was easy-peasy, and the downtown to downtown part was great. So once you sidestep my pitfalls, you’ll enjoy your Eurostar Train trip.

Did you get caught up in Eurostar madness? Any other tips? Please share in the comments.

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Eurostar Train Trip

5 thoughts on “Planning a Trip on the Eurostar Train? 4 Mistakes I Made So You Don’t Have To

  1. PatMike

    UK immigration at the Paris Eurostar was the worst I have experienced. They grilled us thoroughly as to why we were going to the UK, when we had last been to the UK, how long we had been in the UK before and why, etc… Totally more comprehensive than at Heathrow. I was actually insulted at some of the questions; it was more like an interrogation.
    Also, get in line early! It is NOT a regular train ride, as you have mentioned! On the Eurostar, we met some very friendly Brits in the dining car, celebrating a business deal and spent most of the ride there with them. We had a great time and learned some great tips on what to do in London that was off the tourist radar. Great place to mingle.

  2. The Deal Mommy Post author

    I think it’s kind of like childbirth…the books just don’t tell you how miserable it is, then once you are through it you start commiserating on the horror stories! The train itself was great, though. I’d totally do it again, just better prepared.

  3. Denise L

    Sorry to hear about your experience. We took the Eurostar last summer from Paris to London. My husband hates to be late or rushed and has a motto of being prepared for the unexpected, so we arrived very early. I don’t recall any unusually long lines, and we actually had time to do some duty-free shopping.

    I did research the Eurostar experience on which details the entire process with tips and photos. Love that site for train travel.

    I hope you will be posting more about your summer travels. Sounds like a great trip.

    1. The Deal Mommy Post author

      Hi Denise,
      Bookmarking seat61- Thanks! A downfall of frequent travel is the feeling of invincibility-not wanting to waste a single minute waiting in line longer than necessary. I’ve cut a few flights razor close lately as well.

      I’m working my way slooooowly through the summer; I have a whole notebook full of blog posts to write. I keep them all sorted on the “trip inspiration” page in case you missed any.

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