Weekend Roundup: JetBlue Mosaic, Economics of timeshares, United

There was a lot of news over the past few days and so it makes sense to do a brief weekend roundup of all the news worthy of your attention in travel, reselling, miles and pints.

Weekend Roundup

  • JetBlue has released a rather awesome status match / challenge for Mosaic status. If you fly any JetBlue, this is something you will want to look at; I’m planning to fly my first Mint flight next month, so I’m particularly excited about this one!
  • United has fixed the glitch that hid increased award availability for United Mileage Plus holders. 
  • Has Gary Leff been too hard on American Airlines? My opinion: He hasn’t been hard enough. The airline has gone from industry leading to borderline bottom. I’m not just talking about the AAdvantage devaluation, but everything seems to be moving down, including the lack of In Flight Entertainment (IFE) on even refurbed or newly delivered legacy US Airways aircraft. 
  • The economics of owning a timeshare, I own a timeshare (courtesy of my parents), but gosh, I totally feel like I’ve been missing out a ton. 
  • More United, now you can combine multiple travel certificates. These are vouchers that you might receive from accepting a bump, or a problem with your flight that you might have asked for a gesture of goodwill
  • If you’re like me, you’ve never had SkyTeam status; if you’re not like me, and you have had SkyTeam status, but perhaps you’d like it again, well, here is your opportunity! China Southern wants to give you those highly coveted Elite Member Benefits (see below for China Southern’s benefits):

Weekend Roundup, China Southern

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