Travel Withdrawal

 My name is Trevor, and I haven’t been on a plane in a month. Worse yet, I haven’t flown longhaul in nearly 3 months. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, but that light is 3+ weeks away.

This past weekend, a holiday weekend here in the United States, was particularly tough. I had wanted to travel somewhere — Rio for the weekend (because, why not fly 8,000 miles for a 2 night trip to Brazil, right?), however my better half was going through a different problem. She’s encountering travel fatigue from her work travel commitments.

So here I am, Memorial Day was approaching. I’ve got tickets on hold for part of the trip, options a plenty for the way home, hotels that are on the bubble of palatable, but alas, I cancelled them all. There are some things more important than travel.

However, that said, I really want to get back on a plane. I just haven’t found the right fare. Ideally its a well-priced business class fare that helps in my pursuit of requalifying for Executive Platinum via Elite Qualifying Points (EQPs), or maybe its a quick day trip to Texas to catch up with some friends. But I can’t let this withdrawal force me to book a flight outside of my financial comfort zone, or burn points at rates that I would not normally do (e.g. booking an Anytime award), just for the sake of getting on a plane.

Its a tough balance to make, all of these different aspects. I might just have to wait for the trip we already have planned later this month. But it sure is tough, going this long without being on a plane.

How long do you go without a flight? and do you get the “wanna get on a plane” jeebees too?

14 thoughts on “Travel Withdrawal

  1. We tried to go on a 90-minute trip out of town last weekend, which would have been our first such trip in several months. Three kids got sick, two with ear infections in both ears. Damn it all…

  2. Clearly I am more of a home body than you. Once the weather turns glorious here in the Rose City, it always seems such a shame to leave. But I am also looking forward to a little jaunt down south in about 2 weeks 😉 !

    • I think everyone’s travel style is different. When I am home, I am a home body myself. But, I like getting in the air every so often. Pushing my limits, seeing a new place. I haven’t spent nearly enough time on the Left Coast, I need to fix that, and would, if the overseas flights weren’t so affordable and available!

    • @Harvson3 – you know, I haven’t forgotten, its just been a busy few months at home b/w work and reselling. Thanks for sharing that link. I do think the writer was handicapping plane efficiency; first off, by choosing shorter routes, is that to assume they were talking about turboprops or 737’s or MD80’s? If the lattermost, I dare say that its possible that an SUV would be more efficient, whereas a 737-800 would be leaps and bounds more efficient (but perhaps maybe not as compared to a 737-700).

  3. I’m kind of doing the opposite of this. I’ve been on a plane every weekend for the past month, but now I have *nothing* planned. It does make me jittery/anxious! Like you, I just haven’t found a good fare, but the moment I do I’ll be purchasing it!

    • @Tracy – I always get jittery when I don’t have anything planned…. Did you jump on any of those Brazil flights?

  4. I go in spurts. Knowing that my “gone” is weeks if not over a month in duration gets me through the lean times. Usually. I’m known for a Martin Luther King Day weekend meltdown. This year: grabbed the kids to Florida. Last year, 24 hours in Mexico City. 2013? The weekend British Airways abandoned me in London and I found salvation in the Spice Girls musical.

  5. Hey Trevor, I read your email and thought I must’ve posted it in my sleep. My sentiments exactly. What is it about being on a plane? So exciting! You must be a Sagittarius ..its hard for us to stay home when theres so much adventure that awaits!

  6. I’ve found that my personal sweetspot for travel is about ~1 week per month (and it doesn’t have to be by plane). Sometimes that’s two long weekends, other times a week of travel, and some months *gasp* it’s nothing because I have a 10-day trip planned next month. But I always need to know when the next fix is on the calendar!

    • @Becky – you’re right. It definitely varies. For the past few years, my fall season has been travel every other weekend from September to Thanksgiving, but, generally, I completely agree with you – 1 week per month is a great balance. I also like to get an overseas/longhaul flight in at least every 6 weeks… of course, right now I’ll go 3-4 times that. In fact, the Freddie Awards in April was my last flight (and I have to say, a better time could not be had!)

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