Superbowl LII #Avgeek Commercials

While most people watch the “big game” for football, others watched for one reason: Super Bowl LII commercials. I found a selection of Super Bowl LII commercials, for this case, with an #avgeek or travel tint.

The first commercial to run was from Turkish Airways.

You may recall last year’s commercial with Morgan Freeman: 

And, oh yeah, they had two advertisements in 2016:


But, Turkish isn’t the only travel industry company advertising during Superbowl LII! As Wandering Aramean noted, Tourism Austraila went big.

The full trailer has even more heavyweights in it, though I’m :

While its not necessarily aviation related, the new Mission Impossible movie’s trailer is pretty epic:

As if that is not enough, and not sure if this one actually made a commercial on Super Bowl LII, but gosh this is hillarious:

Overall, I’d say this was a good year for Superbowl LII commercials!


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