Things that stood out to me from #FT4RL

This past weekend’s #FT4RL was a great way to spend it. I learned a great deal, and met a lot of great folks. I already shared some initial thoughts. But I thought I’d share some more, and hopefully give you a few laughs.

  • Dan, who writes Points with a Crew, travels completely differently than I do. But, despite that, he still has gotten the occasional two floor hotel suite!
  • Kenny found this great tutorial on how to leverage Kohls:

  • Jeff’s dog may have had a credit score. He also pleaded rationality:

If you’re trying to book 8 award tickets in first class to Sydney over Christmas: just STOP.

  • Haley blew all of our minds with Disney insight. There were times that I felt like I was in a tactical briefing.
  • Richard reminded us all, that while we often consider “hoarding” information, for fear of the deal dying, or not getting that Cathay First Class award seat, not everyone knows that this game really exists. He also created this great video introduction:

Oh, and he flew in all the way from Japan. That’s commitment!

  • Of course, Dia MCed the whole thing quiet awesomely, and chimed in with a few great tips and tidbits!

At the end of the day though, the greatest value of these events are the networking. Seeing old friends, making new ones, sharing tips and tricks, and travel stories.

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