Sneak peak of the next Saverocity Observation Deck Podcast on Reselling

I know what you all are thinking: “Trevor’s in Bali, Matts talking about Reselling, and by golly there must be more to it!” Well, you’re in luck, because there is! Oren’s already shared his piece, and I will share mine.

On Saturday, Joe (of asthejoeflies), Oren and I will come together for an epic podcast. We will discuss not just the topics that Oren discussed in his post, but we will also talk about:

Q4 vs Quarters 1-3

Many folks who resell for profit are focused on this mythical thing called “Q4”, in other words, The holiday season. The fact is, there is so much more than Q4 (namely Qs 1-3), but why is Q4 so mythical? And why should folks care?


How can you grow your reselling business? You only have so much time. The logical answer is Outsourcing, but short of sending jobs to Ireland or India, what can you effectively outsource, and should you?

These and more, will be discussed on the next Saverocity Observation Deck. But you too have a chance for your voice to be heard!

Share your comments and questions in the comments on Oren’s post, and Oren, Joe, and I will respond to them on this Saturday’s recording of the Saverocity Observation Deck podcast.


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