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Miles and Points

  • 500 Free Marriott Points. Alone, they won’t buy you much, but just think of that last time that you were just 347 points off of an award. Do this now.
  • Frequent Miler pits Freedom vs. Freedom Unlimited. I come to a different conclusion, but not based on the two cards one on one, but rather the opportunity cost, and other cards on the market. The fact is, 2% should be the floor for your earning rate, not 1.5%. Especially with Freedom working at wholesale clubs.
  • What can those really high annual fee cards do for you? Provide you concierge services, among other things. So go out, and use them!

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4 thoughts on “Singapore Airlines, Marriott Points, Chase Freedoms, Travel fun

  1. If you can spend $100k a month at the mall the FU card is much better. While the return of the 5x bonus is higher the MS opportunity is paltry in the grand scheme of things.

    • @Rick – If you’re spending $100k a month at the mall, I would hope you would have already maximized other higher “x” avenues. But your point is well taken.

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