Save the Date – The Next ResellingDO!

Jailbreak 1

The first two ResellingDO’s were rather well received, having sold out in minutes. While I had originally considered doing the third one in Texas, I came to the conclusion that it would require more time and more planning, and the fact of the matter is, the fourth quarter comes quick, and there’s no way we could do a ResellingDO in the last 3 months of the year because of it.

The theme will be Preparing for Q4

As a result, we’re going to go with 11 SeptemberYes, a Sunday! It’ll be held at Jailbreak Brewing Company in Laurel, MD, the same place of the first ResellingDO. The benefit of Jailbreak though is, they are closed on Sunday’s, so we’ll have the entire tap room to ourselves, all day!

I realize that a Sunday can be a challenge, but, there are some folks that have expressed interest in attending, but have been unable to attend on a Saturday. I’m certain it will a great event. I will give a week or so notice before we release the tickets.

So – will you be planning to attend the next ResellingDO?

20 thoughts on “Save the Date – The Next ResellingDO!

  1. I’m going to try. But tough to come from the west coast. (Totally understand why you’d want to do it near your home base.) Especially for a Sunday. What time do you think you’ll target on Sunday? Have to think about a flight home.

    • @PDXDealsGuy – Thinking it’ll be 9-6ish – with 4-6 being networking / reception. Would be great to have you out!

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  3. ResellingDO,,,,never knew there was such a thing, I will definitely working on making the next one, too bad its not more towards the center of the country as I live in Seattle.
    I will be looking for more information if anyone has any more information for me please pass it on as I am a beginner.



  4. Texas would be so much better!!!!! Have one in Houston and I will help you plan it! I am serious.

    East coast is going to be tough. And on a Sunday.

    • @Jeffrey – So, we treat ResellingDO’s more like a 1 day conference, there will be presentations, networking, food and drinks. If you resell, you could find value, if you don’t resell nor plan to, it may not be for you.

        • @Panama Jim – You know, I always go directly to the program, I think one exists, but I can’t recall the URL of it at the moment and a quick google was unsuccessful. What kind’ve miles/points do you have?

          • AA, BA, SW, United,frontier, and probably a few more. I did 1,000,000 miles the first year I learned about earning miles churning cards.

          • Well, you have to start somewhere.. Feel free to drop me an e-mail with where you’d be traveling from, and I can see. If you’re East Coast, your best bets will be BA or SW. BA has some nice distance based awards, SW you get 1.47 cents per point (as I recall)… So find a cheap SW flight and it’ll be even cheaper with points.

          • OK thank you. I live in Hollywood Florida that is halfway between Fort Lauderdale and Miami so I can take off from either airport. I take about 20 cruises a year and I am leaving tomorrow for Copenhagen. I probably won’t be back for a month or so. I would like to come to your next meeting.

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