Review: Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport and Premier Lounge


Departing from Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport, is much nicer than it used to be. You enter this pretty open air area, and there are some places to shop, but really, you need to continue on and go through the first level of security.



This is just as it used to be with the previous international terminal (which I think is now the domestic terminal), but it’s a much more comfortable experience. After clearing the first set of security, where you don’t take anything out. We then made it to the check-in counter, where I have to say, it is again, open and pretty nice.

IMG_1613 IMG_1617

After a pleasant check-in, we were next off you guessed it, more security! This time, it was out with my Microsoft Surface, iPad Mini, and liquids. I found it interesting that the magnetometer was so good as to require me to take my belt off (I walked through it the first time with it on, as not many are that sensitive).

Then it was through immigration, with no line at all. The immigration officer was polite, but a bit frustrated with the number of stamps in my passport. I could hear him muttering under his breath as he tried to find my entry stamp.

Once you clear Immigrations, you’re faced with this cool map with a variety of times,


then a huge Duty Free area: We wandered through Duty Free for a while, kind’ve price checking to see whether anything was worth bringing back. Then we decided to head to the lounge.

Premier Lounge

The Premier Lounge is one level up from the main concourse. There’s I think 3 total lounges. The Premier, The SkyTeam (which I assume is Garuda’s lounge), and a third that I didn’t readily see the name of.

Once entering the Premier Lounge, it looks nice. Kind’ve like how the cover of a calculus book can look nice. But once you open the cover, its so much less. The food displays looked nice, but upon closer examination, didn’t really look terribly enticing.




They had a refrigerator of beverages, that included a single variety of beer. There were flies in the lounge, likely because the food was more enticing to them, than the lounges’ guests. Finally, the wifi kept cutting out. I realize I shouldn’t have high expectations, but, as a brand new airport, it seems hard to understand, how they could not have planned for consistent high speed internet.




Needless to say, we left the lounge pretty quickly afterwards, rather choosing to browse the various shops. On the plus side, we found some excellent options for things to bring along for our next Hyatt stay, since, you may know, I’m a Diamond.


7 thoughts on “Review: Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport and Premier Lounge

  1. My wife and I had a similar experience last September. Wifi broken, unappetizing food, limited drinks, and my wife spotted roaches, the only ones we saw over two weeks.

  2. How did you guys get from GH to the airport? I’m there for an upcoming stay. I’m trying to figure out the best way to get to/from the airport. Loving your trip report so far! Can’t wait to read the rest! It’s making me look forward to my trip! This will be my first time in Bali.

    • @Ang – we’ve usually done the hotel transfer (nothing fancy, I think it was a toyota), it seemed pretty cheap. Cheaper still, you could just have a bluebird taxi, make sure they use the meter. All that said, for the ~$30 for transfer from the airport to the hotel, its worth it; they meet you at the exit from customs, take you right to the vehicle, and its a quick drive via the new tollway to the hotel. No added fees, and they usually call ahead to the hotel, so if you have any sort of status, you’ll be met, and escorted to your room for check-in.

      • Thanks Trevor! It looks like the $30 hotel transfer would work for me as well. It sounds pretty hassle free. Do you know if we have to tip? Not sure what the tipping policy is over there and I would like to be prepared. Can we charge the $30 transfer to our room or do we pay when we get dropped off at the hotel?

        • @Ang – I didn’t tip, just billed it directly to my room. For the most part, I thought gratuity was included, given they have a lot of Europeans and Australians tourists. Sometimes I’d leave a little extra.

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