Preparing to Resell – Tracking your purchases and sales

Last year I shared a tracking sheet that I was using for 2015. That sheet is all well and good, but I’ve learned a bunch over the past year, and wanted to share an updated sheet.

Here’s my recommendation for 2016:

Tracking Sheet 2016 - Copy

You’ll notice a few upgrades from the previous year.

Including an example: I leveraged this one from my example in Considerations for Reselling post earlier in the week.

Incorporating the Seller SKU: I mentioned in an earlier post, that I’m starting to use Inventory Lab (note, affiliate link) to track my reselling business. Making the transition to Inventory Lab could have been much more seamless, had I incorporated the ASIN of each product I sold in my spreadsheet. Without diving into the weeds, the simplest answer is, that Inventory Lab looks for specific columns, and if you have the data, it’ll incorporate it in a much more streamlined fashion.

Just about everything else is consistent with last year’s spreadsheet.

If you’d like a copy, you can find one here.

As always, please share any insights or recommended refinements in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Preparing to Resell – Tracking your purchases and sales

  1. Thanks for sharing Trevor. This is one thing I’ve been looking around at recently; how others are tracking things. Always good to see how others go about doing it.

    • At the moment, I am not. I may change my mind, but I’ve got a paper filing system where I print out the invoice, put it in the “Awaiting receipt/shipping to AZ” then “to be inputted into Inventory Lab” then another for “shipped – file.”

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