Mission Accomplished – Southwest Companion Pass

Mission Accomplished Snip

Ok, so I didn’t get to fly a cool plane to the deck of the USS Lincoln, but I’m sure I’ll get to fly more planes like this one soon, because the companion pass is mine!

I'll be flying this baby soon enough!

I’ll be flying this baby soon enough!

I happened to log into the Southwest Account to see where we stood, as I was waiting for some Kohls and Sears purchases to hit. Well, the Kohls purchases seem like they just might never hit. Sears on the other hand, came through!

Mission Accomplished, Companion Pass is mine!

Mission Accomplished, Companion Pass is mine!

As you can see, I overshot the mark a bit here, at 124,956 points. PerhapsĀ I could’ve shifted spend earlier, but I wanted to be certain. I didn’t want to just barely skate by, I wanted to slam dunk it!

Note: I usually don’t talk about what I buy/sell, but I will calculate the total gain/loss after everything sells to offer a conservative view of what it takes to get the Southwest Companion Pass through reselling.

CelebrationĀ aside

Merely having the Companion pass is cool (and in fact it probably isn’t even yet in the mail!), but being able to use it is even more cool. So, I’ve been giving lots of thought to what I plan to do with this new found “freedom to move about the country.”

  1. I could go up to Long Island, NY (ISP is a direct flight from BWI), just for lunch, I’d pick up some bagels and maybe a pizza for the ride home.
  2. I’ll certainly visit the folks in Florida at least once.
  3. I could check out some of Southwest’s International routes, like:
Southwest's cool new international destinations  from BWI

Southwest’s cool new international destinations from BWI

Ah the choices… such good choices!



7 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished – Southwest Companion Pass

  1. You can go ahead and designate your companion online or over the phone and use the ‘pass’ now. They do send a physical card but you don’t actually need it.

    • Really?? Thanks Kenny!!! I’m going to have to test that out, I may have a flight tomorrow (May, was contemplating cancelling).

  2. Congratulations! I got mine a few months ago but mostly from Chase CC signups / spend. +1 to Kenny above who suggests that you can designate the companion online.

    I actually thought it was a little complicated to try and figure out HOW to do it online but eventually I figured it out…

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