Manufactured Spending woes, The Phonetic Alphabet, British Airways’ #avgeek obsession with 747

Note: We’re short this week, in advance of the holiday, primarily due to workload in my full time job. Sorry!

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  • From Airways News, Japan Airlines will return to Dallas Fort Worth. I see this making sense on a number of levels, especially with OneWorld partner American Airlines based there.
  • Gary Leff likes the Phonetic (although he calls it Zulu) Alphabet. Being a licensed ship captain, I learned to love the phonetic alphabet early in life, because anytime I got on the radio, I had to be ready to use it. So I share his frustration with “Jellybean” instead of “Juliet”, or “Apple” instead of “Alpha.”

Miles and Points


  • British Airways’ love affair with the 747 –– at least someone is still keeping the Queen of the Skies in, well, the sky!
  • Wasn’t sure how to catalog this one, but Republic Airways continues to have issues with its pilots. It’s really not surprising, regional airline pilots are hard to come by, becoming a regional airline pilot is expensive, yet Republic (and probably other regionals) can’t pay wages that support paying for the expense of being a pilot. Republic and others point to the mainline carriers (Delta, American, United), but, regardless of who is at blame, it will hurt many.
  • Last but not least, check out this video that Scott Mayerowitz and the Associated Press put together:

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