Last Chance! Remove or Sell Amazon Meltable Inventory

Selling chocolate and other meltable inventory via Amazon is a great gig in the winter, however, during the summer months, Amazon doesn’t fulfill meltable inventory. This is primarily due to the fact that warehouses are hard to keep cool during the summer. As a result, Amazon marks anything “meltable” as “unsellable” from 1 May to 30 September. 

What to do with Meltable Inventory

Your first bet should be to try to sell it. Most meltable inventory is also perishable, so its entirely possible that you might not be able to sit on it until the end of September. Yes, you might not make as much, or, you might even have a loss, but, at least it doesn’t expire on you.

Meltable Inventory 2017

This probably won’t sell so well in October.

If you can’t sell it, your next best option is to remove it, then you might be able to seller-fulfill or I don’t know, give it to the neighborhood kids. If you don’t remove it by a certain time, Amazon will destroy it for you. Destroy, it sounds so, destructive. Wouldn’t that chocolate be nicer to enjoy yourself, rather than it to be thrown into some giant masher in an Amazon warehouse?

Wrapping Up

As with many aspects of Amazon, this is definitely something you want to stay on top of. If you do a lot of perishables, you’ll really want to check what is and is not meltable. You’ll likely find some things that aren’t truly meltable, are categorized by Amazon as meltable. 

Do you have any meltable inventory left? Will you recall it or discount it?


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