Five Manufacture Spending Things I’m Grateful For

It’s quiet Sunday, so I figured that I’d share the top 5 things I’m grateful for, as I Manufacture Spending as a Weekend Warrior.

Without further ado, perhaps even a little Dave Letterman style, the Top 5 MS things I’m thankful for:

5. A working Kate (Kiosk At The Entry) at Walmart

4. Chase Ink 5x

3. Competent cashiers (though few and far between)

2. $500 Visa Gift Cards (VGC) for $3.95

1. Being able to load $2500 to a Redbird in a single visit to Target (thanks to Leigh)


So, all that said, What things are you grateful for, with respect to Manufactured Spending?

19 thoughts on “Five Manufacture Spending Things I’m Grateful For

    • Vinh – help me out here, please, what’s so great about NW Buxx? I’ve seen more mentions about it in the past 5 days than the past 5 months… but I thought it was just $1k per rolling 30 days?

  1. So where are you finding $500 Visa Gift Cards (VGC) for $3.95? I’ve been all over where I live and nothing like that.

      • Malls have lots of stores – care to elaborate on which ones might sell them so we don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out which one? 🙂

        • Dan, didn’t mean to be secretive. Simon malls are what I use. I understand Macerich can be good as well, but have heard mixed rumors of late.

  2. I have to drive about 15 miles (each way) to get gift cards (but I get $3.95 $500 Simon Mall cards), and I drive 12 miles (each way) the other direction to get Staples Visa gift cards. After I’ve done that driving, it is another 7 miles to Walmart, where the kiosk hasn’t worked in over a year, and most of the clerks can’t figure out how to load a Bluebird card. I had a Redbird for all of one month when all of the Target stores within about 100 miles of me stopped taking credit cards/gift cards (nice while it lasted). Target clerks are much sharper than Walmart clerks, sadly. I do have a lovely, elderly lady working the Money Center at Walmart who lets me buy money orders with gift cards; apparently she’s never seen the memo saying she isn’t supposed to allow that. I have her schedule and days off memorized. I’m grateful for manufactured spending; without it, I would not be doing half the travel I manage to enjoy.

  3. I’m grateful for the friendly managers (yes, that’s managerS, plural) at the grocery store where I buy all of my VGCs. For CVS, in general. And (I never thought I’d say this) Walmart, full stop. Also grateful for a husband who happily lets me apply for whatever cards for him that I want to, and pretty much leaves the finances entirely to me (though I may wish that it weren’t so when it comes around time to do tax returns). Also grateful for this community of people to share advice and questions with.

  4. I am grateful that I can walk to Kroger/CVS/Office Depot to purchase VGCs & MOs and walk to Target to load Redbird during lunch break. ( All within half mile from my office).

    RiteAid is one miles away, Walmart/Staples/Office Max is 3 miles away from my house. Kate is functional 70% of the time.

  5. That you can still load Serve “ISIS” from a MC/VISA credit card up to $1,500 a month.

    That USB is still chugging along.

    That you can do a lot of MS from your keyboard now.

    That Amex offers nearly constant Sync deals and lets you enroll a LOT of cards.

  6. I’m grateful to the OD manager who gave me an additional 10% off my “$20 instate rebate” $600 VGC purchase “for waiting so patiently in line” – she didn’t realize until after the transaction what it was exactly that I had purchased. Helped me get started in the MS game (and secure my SW Companion Pass at zero cost). Thanks OD manager!

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