Etihad Lounge Hopping and Flying Abu Dhabi to Cairo

This is a continuation of the “vacation run” – a 50/50 mileage run / vacation my wife and I took to Cairo in January, 2015. The first post was: Etihad flight from Washington to Abu Dhabi

We were only transiting in Abu Dhabi (AUH), but we had the chance to see Etihad’s beautiful new lounge business lounge (we would’ve been able to visit the first class lounge had it opened, but it’s not due to open until I think April). Of course our connecting flight was out of the old terminal so we had to leave the nice lounge, but did find an alternative in the old terminal. It was dark and the wi-fi didn’t work terribly well, but, still better than no lounge. I know, first world problems.

The new Etihad lounge felt roomy, with great lighting, and was certainly a breath of fresh air compared to Etihad’s older business class lounge which was always crowded, horrible wi-fi, and you had to take an elevator to get to.

CAIRO 1 2015 107

Etihad’s New Lounge


CAIRO 1 2015 109

Etihad’s New Lounge’s Spa


CAIRO 1 2015 111

Etihad’s New Lounge – So big you need signs!


CAIRO 1 2015 120

Etihad’s New Lounge

Of course we found ourselves at the — I dare say — stylish bar.

CAIRO 1 2015 121

Etihad’s New Lounge – The bar

But alas we had to move on – but first, a brief stop to tour the Tattooine set for the new Star Wars movie (I kid!)

CAIRO 1 2015 129


We soon found ourselves in a smaller lounge in the “old” terminal. It wasn’t glamorous, but alas, it was a place to enjoy a cold beverage and some food. Although they also had arabic coffee, which I availed myself to.

CAIRO 1 2015 133

Etihad lounge in the old terminal

Before we knew it, it was time to move on. It looked like they were doing some renovations in the terminal — the last time I was here, I could’ve sworn they had a Ferrari where the black tile is in the photo.

CAIRO 1 2015 134

You’ve got to clear security at the gate in the old terminal, so we did that, far too early, yet the seats were all full, so we–unceremoniously–proceeded to be gate lice, waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

CAIRO 1 2015 138

Boarding out of the old terminal at Abu Dhabi

But alas, we were finally let onboard, and we were met with a much more–dare I again say–stylish interior than Lucky experienced only a few months prior.

CAIRO 1 2015 144

New-ish Seats

The aircraft was only a single aisle A320, but, it proved to be an excellent 4 hour flight.

CAIRO 1 2015 150

Seat Controls

And of course, since now it was after midnight, I thought I might enjoy a mimosa.

CAIRO 1 2015 153

Pre Departure Drinks

The In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) was reasonable, although of the “flip up” variety. The movie selection was the same as I recalled from flying the A340 from Dulles to Abu Dhabi earlier that evening.

CAIRO 1 2015 157

We were served a reasonable meal, and then kept well provisioned by a wonderful pair of flight attendants.

CAIRO 1 2015 158



CAIRO 1 2015 162



CAIRO 1 2015 163

Tea serving.

The flight overall felt very comfortable for being a 4 hour flight in a recliner seat.

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