Inside the operations and choreography of the Trump 757

Yesterday, I happened to mention to a colleague about the Trump 757 diversion to Nashville last week, and he mentioned that he had seen a great special on what the chief pilot, John Duncan, calls the T-Bird.

Photo courtesy of Nashville's Twitter Handle.

Photo courtesy of Nashville’s Twitter Handle.

I found the video from the Discovery World to be quite interesting. For example, I think the Trump 757 is the first Boeing aircraft that I can recall having an on board shower. It also has not one, but 2 bedrooms.

Trump’s meticulous attention to detail is emulated by the Trump 757’s crew, to the point where when the Trump 757 goes in for maintenance, every detail is checked, even the serial numbers when parts are sent out to be refurbished are checked against the serial numbers of the parts when they return, to know that they are the same parts. And its the pilot that has ultimate responsibility for everything, which may not be terribly surprising, but it was interesting to see him polishing the wood before take off.

But enough of me talking about the video, check it out for yourself!

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