Alaska’s latest Livery is Higher, Further, and Faster!

In the latest Marvel-Airline tie-up, Alaska Airlines has hopped onboard, and let me just say, Alaska’s latest livery is higher, further, and faster in honor of the upcoming Captain Marvel movie. I’ll add that the livery even has the split scimitar winglets, a fitting armament for Captain Marvel.

Alaska’s latest livery is higher, further, and faster

Alaska's latest Livery is Higher, Further, and Faster

Alaska Airlines’ Captain Marvel Livery

Sporting Marvel Studio’s Captain Marvel, the livery looks pretty sweet. Check out Alaska’s video of how the livery came to being:

There’s a lot banked on this next-to-be released Marvel movie for fans, as it sets the stage for the upcoming Marvel Avengers: End Game (the trailer is below, because, its just gotta be included!)

And don’t think that Alaska is the first airline to sign on to the Avengers. American did it last year for Avengers: Infinity War alongside Stand Up to Cancer.

and this is only the latest in a long line of awesome liveries that airliners have worn. To name a few:

What do you think of Alaska Airlines’ new livery? Are you looking forward to the movie–and more partnerships?


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