Deal of the Year becomes more interesting with Delta Airlines!

Note: As a few folks have stated, the terms of the Discover Deal of the Year promo, state that in app purchases won’t count. That said, in practice it may be hard to enforce such terms, so as they say, Your Miles May Vary (YMMV). I for one will have my fingers crossed. Via comment section, Eddy states that Discover is grayed out in Apple Pay.

Courtesy of @Turnbullben

It looks like Apple Pay is no available for those of you Delta Flyers. In fact, the article states:

Starting today, Delta Air Lines (DAL) customers can now book and pay for flights via Apple Pay, the easy and private way to pay, using the latest version of the Fly Delta app.

Now, I can’t say whether this will definitively get you your Deal of the Year 10% Discover Cash Back, but I have to believe that it will.

All that said, if you actually fly Delta in your normal travels, the risk is minimal. If you don’t normally fly Delta Airlines, well, maybe you can find a way to game the system.

Either way, Delta Airlines is now, yet another merchant that accepts Apple Pay.

6 thoughts on “Deal of the Year becomes more interesting with Delta Airlines!

    • I’ve updated the post with the note, and the caveat. As with any of these types of promotions, I believe it is challenging for companies to truly enforce, but regardless, Your Miles May Vary (YMMV).

  1. Hi,

    This wont work as Discover Cards are disabled for in-app purchases. The option to choose your Discover Card will be greyed out.

    • @Eddy – Thanks. I’m still getting smart on Apple Pay (I literally bought an iPhone just to leverage this Discover promo), so I appreciate the clarification.

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