Celebrating Star Wars Day AvGeek Style

There are only so many days of the year that you can have fun combining two awesome interests. Celebrating Star Wars Day AvGeek Style is one of those such days! Below is a round-up of some of the entertaining attempts at celebrating May the Fourth from across the Aviation Industry:

Celebrating Star Wars Day

All Nippon Airways shared a few shots of their awesome Star Wars Liveries, including their more recent C-3PO Livery:

Aviation Commons, while not an airline or airport did share a nice menagerie of photos which I suspect is from one of the inaugurals of the R2-D2 787; so we’ll include it because its just plane cool:


British Airways went the video route:

Others attempted cameos on other planets, like Qatar Airways, which, may be more familiar with Tatooine than most:

While Air France regrettably had another service cancellation — luckily, this time it wasn’t due to a strike:

Dallas-Fort Worth Airport had a special visitor that I’m sure was entertaining for nearby planespotters:

Although I don’t think that is even close to what Denver International Airport:

It was so much so that one tweet just isn’t enough:

Of course, the FAA had to get involved too:

And then some were less imaginative, like American Airlines, who’s twitter team is great, but, unfortunately the marketing team may be a bit behind:

Of course, if you thought that was a “who could try less hard” well, Delta Airlines may have beat them:

But fear not–it could lead to the Dark Side after all–Southwest Airlines redeemed the US Legacies:

and finally, Alaska Airlines gave a handful of passengers the co-pilot that they’ve always wanted:

What was your favorite Star Wars Day tweet?

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