Catching up on the Saverocity Observation Deck

For some reason, 2018 has been super busy for me. But, even with that, I’m still able to catch up with Joe of As The Joe Flies and chat travel every couple of weeks on the Saverocity Observation Deck. We’ve had some really great episodes covering a true smorgasbord of topics with a bunch of awesome guests over the last few months. I figured as we’re getting to mid-year, that it’d be good to take a moment and highlight some of the podcasts we’ve done.

Catching up with the Saverocity Observation Deck – The Elite Status Conundrum

We caught up with Sam of Milenomics, who’s made an incredible resurgence over the past few months with the help of Robert Dywer

As long time readers would know, I’ve long been on the Elite Status Hamster Wheel. Well, this was a great conversation that is starting to sway me just a bit, it was so much fun that we ended up doing a second. Part one was primarily focused upon airline status:

Part two, I think was a bit more of a challenging decision on hotel status:

Catching up with the Saverocity Observation Deck – On Hyatt Globalist Status

Continuing on the discussion of Elite Status, we linked up with Freequent (best pronounced Freeeeeeee) Flyer (FQF) to talk Hyatt Globalist Status and Best Practices Earning Ultimate Rewards.

Catching up with the Saverocity Observation Deck – Focus on Travel, not Points

We had the chance to chat with Becky Pokora on Mexico, and also on her rather unique approach to travel. I say unique because “SightDoing” is a unique approach and I think its absolutely awesome. In full disclosure, I try to push myself on travel, but I’m nowhere near Becky’s level just yet.

We also had the chance to chat with Cynthia Drescher where we talked about cruising, and started our Destination Focus, including festivals in Germany, and Vivid Sydney (which ironically I’ll be experiencing in just a few short days!!)

Catching up with the Saverocity Observation Deck – Hawaii with not one, but 2 special guests!

Now this may be biased, but, we had a really fun podcast on Hawai’i with Tim Brooks, where I surrendered my seat to a woman who was far more seasoned with Hawaii travel than I am, in fact, this wahine spent part of her childhood in Hawai’i; Rose (my wife) was awesome to step in and share tips for Hawai’i travel that I wouldn’t even have guessed. Really appreciative of Rose to step in and prevent me from stumbling through based on my memories of L & L’s Drive in or Tex’s Malasadas.

Wrapping Up

I hope you’ll enjoy some of these excellent podcasts.

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What is your favorite Saverocity Observation Deck Podcast episode?





5 thoughts on “Catching up on the Saverocity Observation Deck

  1. Hey Trevor, you lost points towards the end of Elite Status Conundrum when you were debating why status has value. (you gave up too easy!) You did forget to point out all of the times one is ‘protected’ for irops. I can’t tell you how many times I have been proactively rebooked to get me to where I’m going without me even calling. Often irops happen when one is in the air and the connecting flight is affected. It’s a relief to touch down and get a text with a seat/flight reassignment while others are lining up at the desk in a panic. This has happened internationally on partner airlines as well and is not rare when you travel as much as we do.(fellow status junkie)

  2. Hi Trevor, as a long time listener of your fine request, which I very much love btw can I mention I still miss Joe #2, I remember that he mentioned in his last episode that he might come on as a guest but that hasn’t happened yet so I was wondering if that is going to happen or his new job at FT prevents him from doing that in perpetuity of the job ?

    Oh are you going to write about the RTW that you mentioned on the podcast in the near future?

    • @Milesmaximise,

      Thanks for your comment! We will never forget Joe #2 – we’ve already booked him for the Festivus Episode at the end of the year. I think he’s evaluating on his new job and whether he can make a quarterly appearance.

      I’m working on a post for the RTW at the moment – planning for next week. It was surprisingly difficult to go through and catalogue all the different flights and align them to my notes.

      • It must have been doubly difficult to keep track because the flights were J class *shrug* and your system is optimized for LH F.

        Can’t wait for the festivus episode.

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