Southwest can be a quirky airline, but it's much more than just a bus in the sky. Follow these tricks and tips for flying Southwest to have the best experience possible. #familytravel #southwest #travelwithkids
Family Travel Southwest Airlines

First flight on Southwest – lessons learned and tips

So I finally flew Southwest for the first time and my hot take is that I don’t really understand why people have such strong feelings about it. Before my flight I ran into a lot of people who LOVE (all caps) Southwest and a lot of people who HATE it, but it just seems like […]

Help! I’m flying Southwest for the first time

After flying with three children, we've learned a lot about how to fly with kids. Here are some lessons learned to help you as you prepare to fly with your children.

Our first flight as a family of five: lessons learned

My life has changed, and thus my opinions on miles and points have changed. Let's take a look at all the ways my views on miles and points have evolved.
Miles and Points Thoughts

Things I’ve changed my mind about in the miles and points world

I am a sucker for spirited debate, and at the end of my last such interaction with my flesh and blood father, he said to me, “Nobody’s mind was ever changed.” Aside from the weird sentence structure, I think that’s a fairly common sentiment. You get old, you get set in your ways, you never […]

Quick Hits: How to use non-Southwest points to book Southwest flights

The goal should always be to redeem points for your flights. But sometimes, it can be difficult to decide which points to use, so how do we go about doing that?

Choosing which point option to use for a domestic flight

Award Booking Destinations Hawaii

Hawaii miles and points guide Part 2: Best award rates

In Part 1, we discussed who flies to Hawaii, how to find out which carriers might work for you, and how using partners can save you miles. In Part 2, we’ll take a deeper look at using partner miles and the best award rates to Hawaii. Let’s review how much US airlines (the ones actually flying from […]


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My name is Joe Cheung and I love to travel. After my wife and I had two THREE lovely kids, we still kept going. Follow along as I chronicle our family travels – good and bad – and the tips and tricks we use to fund the majority of our travel with miles and points. Click the photo for more about us and thanks for visiting!

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