Family Travel

It’s all about the memories

When I was in college, I had the chance to take a road trip with my buddies across the United States. We made the grave mistake of stopping by Jamba Juice on our way out of LA. My friend, who has a weak constitution, decided to add a fiber boost. As fate would have it, […]

Southwest family friendly policies - Southwest wing

How family friendly is Southwest, really?

Southwest family friendly policies - Southwest wing

First flight on Southwest – lessons learned and tips

Miles and Points

Finding value in Delta’s dynamic award pricing

My alternate title for this post was Delta dynamic award pricing is ridiculous, but it felt too click-baity. But that IS how I feel after searching for Delta awards over the last few days. While there has been much weeping and gnashing of teeth about Delta’s dynamic award pricing (rightfully so), you can actually still […]

My life has changed, and thus my opinions on miles and points have changed. Let's take a look at all the ways my views on miles and points have evolved.

Things I’ve changed my mind about in the miles and points world

Quick Hits: How to use non-Southwest points to book Southwest flights

Award Booking Destinations Hawaii

Hawaii miles and points guide Part 2: Best award rates

In Part 1, we discussed who flies to Hawaii, how to find out which carriers might work for you, and how using partners can save you miles. In Part 2, we’ll take a deeper look at using partner miles and the best award rates to Hawaii. Let’s review how much US airlines (the ones actually flying from […]


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My name is Joe Cheung and I love to travel. After my wife and I had two THREE lovely kids, we still kept going. Follow along as I chronicle our family travels – good and bad – and the tips and tricks we use to fund the majority of our travel with miles and points. Click the photo for more about us and thanks for visiting!

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