Your 2014 American Airlines Business Extra Points Expire Soon!

I think we all enjoy double or triple dipping. The American Airlines Business Extra program is a way to do that, if you fly on American. That said, if you’ve been using American Airlines Business Extra for a few years, your points earned in 2014 will expire soon! You see, points expire 31 December, 2 years from earning them.

American Airlines Business ExtraA

How to tell what American Airlines Business Extra points are expiring

The interface is actually really good for Business Extra. Just log in–and you can use your AAdvantage number–then go to Account Summary. Then you’ll have a nice little message like below:

American Airlines Business Extra

As you can see, I’ve got a handful of points ready to expire on 31 December 2016, luckily, though, the majority of my points are good for another year or two. As I look at the amounts per year, it definitely seems like I’ve been spending more and more with American over the last couple of years. It’ll be interesting to see how that changes next year with the new AAdvantage changes

Redeeming Business Extra Points

Now you’re probably thinking – “what am I going to do with these points?” well, here are a few things you can use them for, such as: 

American Airlines Business Extra Awards

I for one, will be getting a few Admirals Club passes myself. In fact, regular readers might even see a give away when the Admirals Club passes actually arrive to Tagging Miles HQ! Just be advised, they actually mail out the passes, so, make sure you have enough time to receive them. Full disclosure – I have not tried to use any of the other awards, like domestic or international, so if anyone has any experience with how readily available those are–considering how stingy American is with saver awards–, please share in the comments.

How many American Airlines Business Extra points do you have expiring?

3 thoughts on “Your 2014 American Airlines Business Extra Points Expire Soon!

    • @Juanita – that is an excellent question. unfortunately, there’s nothing in the terms that specifically states that you can donate points… although I suppose you could look at it also as, there’s nothing in the terms that says you cannot donate points.

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