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Here are a couple ways you can support us if you want to:

  • Leave a comment. If there is something you like about a post, we’d like to hear that. If there’s something you don’t like about a post, we’d love to hear that. And if when we get something totally wrong, we really really want to know.


  • Send an email. Question, comment, rant, insult, you name it, we’d love to hear from you. We’ll try to help, or at least make something up. YMMV. Our email address is miles4moreblog@gmail.com


  • Use our credit card link. If (and only if) the card that will best meet the needs of your family happens to be one of the few cards we have an affiliate link for, we’d be happy if you used our link. And equally happy if you don’t. Lots and lots of other bloggers have links to the same cards. Ours are here. I have elected to leave out many of the offers I could put there because they’re just not good enough for most people. If you want to use our link to apply a Hawaiian card with their marginal bonus and benefits, or a Discover card and can’t find a signup bonus or something, just send an email and we’ll get that link to you.

That’s it! Yes, we have referrals for cash back portals and stuff, but there are congas on various forums for those.

Thank YOU for reading our little blog! Travel safe!