1. Kristina

    Pending Application / Reconsideration data point

    Hey guys, I'm new here and joining you from the recently closed Travel Codex forum. For my first post I wanted to copy a thread I started over there in late September. I'll string together my comments into one section then upload a PDF of the whole thread so you can see the entire conversation...
  2. Flanmann

    CreditKarma AU dispute leads to Chase removing AU

    I was going through Credit Karma and getting AU accounts removed for both me and my wife. All the research I did about doing this seemed to check out. However, Chase then removed my wife as an AU from one of my active cards as a result. Amex, Discover, and Citi didn't do that, so I was annoyed...
  3. M

    AT&T Bills using VGC

    So I was thinking about using my Chase Freedom to buy a few VGCs from Sam's Club to make the most of the 5% cash back and use those to pay off my AT&T bills (maybe $500 at a time). Each $500 VGC would pay off around 2 months of my charges and I'm not sure if I really want to put any more money...
  4. heavenlyjane

    Big refund 6 wks after meeting spending challenge

    What happens if I meet a sign-up challenge (Chase Ritz Carleton), get rewarded 2 free nights and then 6 weeks later get a large credit on a cancelled cruise? Am I at risk of losing those 2 free nights? We've already book a February 2017 weekend with the free nights, does that make us safer...
  5. A

    Chase denial for SW business card

    I was on the phone with Chase for almost an hour yesterday trying to get them to reconsider my Chase SW business application and after a length Q&A about my business, revenues, how I advertise (for my business this is mostly word of mouth or online adverts) ultimately was declined after 2...
  6. sriki

    Chase auto-close CC

    I had a Chase Slate CC, my second oldest card I ever had. I applied for the Hyatt CC couple of weeks ago and it went to pending. Fast forward a few days and I got an approval email. Everything seemed fine. Few days later, my Slate card was closed. I was not pleased but I wasn't seasoning it with...