Chase denial for SW business card

I was on the phone with Chase for almost an hour yesterday trying to get them to reconsider my Chase SW business application and after a length Q&A about my business, revenues, how I advertise (for my business this is mostly word of mouth or online adverts) ultimately was declined after 2 recons. I tried to work with them to tell them I didn't need a high credit limit, just needed to split business and personal expenses but they were pretty adamant. They cited that my business was too newly created (only incorporated this year), and lack of history with Chase. How is a new business supposed to get credit if they haven't been around for 5+ years (length of time the rep told me they expect to see?!). They suggested to try again once my company has been around longer and once I have more history on my personal Chase SW. Did I approach this wrong or what? Anyone have such a difficult experience just getting a separate business line? Any advice would be welcome.


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I have two Chase Ink cards and until yesterday a Southwest business card. Just closed the SW card due to the annual fee. I had applied for a Marriott card, but was denied. I was on the phone for a long time, and ultimately wasn't approved. I have a large credit line with Chase and I asked multiple times if I could just move credit I already have. Despite a 794 credit score, relationship with Chase, they basically denied me because I've opened 11 cards up in the past two years. Also, the guy said that I wasn't spending enough on their cards. They wanted to see even more spending on their cards. At this point, I'm not sure if it's even worth it to try again.


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As always with chase it depends on how much patience you have even though it is getting increasingly harder with chase it is still possible to get them to approve if you keep calling. I would suggest trying to call at different times of the day sometimes early morning or later on you can get easier reps


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I would call BS because when I incorporated a new business not too long ago I was able to get a Ink Plus (although with a $5K credit limit). This was before the 5/24 rule but since they aren't citing that it seems a little fishy that they wouldn't approve you even with a small limit. I would also suggest to call again if possible and just keep please your case, you might have just gotten some grumpy reps before.
I must add that I am/was a mid-tier banking customer with Chase, but I don't know how much that influenced them.