CreditKarma AU dispute leads to Chase removing AU


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I was going through Credit Karma and getting AU accounts removed for both me and my wife. All the research I did about doing this seemed to check out. However, Chase then removed my wife as an AU from one of my active cards as a result. Amex, Discover, and Citi didn't do that, so I was annoyed to get this news. I don't want to re-add her, because it will push back the 5/24 clock even further, which is why I was doing this in the first place. I want them to re-add her without reporting to the credit bureaus. They aren't being helpful in the least. Do I have any recourse?


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Interesting thanks for sharing. I would think that maybe they only removed the au bc the dispute was through credit karma and the language is a little bit ambiguous. If you would dispute the au over the phone fully explaining that it is a valid account that does not belong on your credit report I don't see chase cancelling the card.


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Plenty of data points on people applying for the CSR show that simply removing AU accounts will get you approved, assuming you're under 5/24 otherwise.