Mile High Reselling Club

Reselling is becoming a big time “gig.” Everyone is talking about it, many are doing it, but there is only so much that you can figure out on your own. Between sales tax exemption, the multitude of reselling tools out there, and so many other aspects of the trade, we all have a ton still to learn. Thus begins the Mile High Reselling Club.

These are the reasons that Phil Hall and I founded the Mile High Reselling Club. A Facebook group of people that started out in the mile and point world, but have embraced reselling as an avenue for more, and not just more miles, but increased profit too (and believe us, it’s great to earn miles as gravy to making money!).

Mile High Reselling Club

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The path to outsized rewards within the mile and point community used to be credit card sign-ups. Many agree, reselling provides so much more, with increased ability to maximize category bonuses, shopping portals, and more. But the biggest thing in any game is networking. Building connections, sharing deals, refining gigs in such a way that you maximize opportunity.

The Mile High Reselling Club will provide a forum for that networking. First and foremost, it is an opportunity to connect with folks who have the same goals as you. Generate miles and points while making strong profits. Build a business through reselling products. Do both more efficiently. Not just a Facebook group, Phil and I have also put together how to guides to help take your reselling business to the next level, covering areas such as using tools to analyze the market and simplify selling, tips and tricks on scaling, sales tax exemptions with various stores like Walmart, Best Buy, and others. There will be exclusive content provided to Mile High Reselling Club members that you won’t find elsewhere. Strategies, discussion of tools, and even some deal alerts that should lead to profit opportunities that will more than cover the cost of membership.

The Fine Print and How to Join

The Mile High Reselling Club is a subscription based Facebook group. You’ll have access to exclusive content, and significant networking opportunities to further your business, and mile and point generation. Of course this comes with a cost. 

If you’re interested, send an e-mail to the Mile High Reselling Club, please include your Facebook name, so we’ll know how to invite you. From that e-mail we’ll provide you the details for creating the PayPal subscription (so please, have a PayPal account, if you don’t, let us know, we’ll see if we can figure out an alternative solution).

The Mile High Reselling Club is an excellent avenue for growing your reselling business. Further to that point, Phil and I are committed to adding and maintaining the value of this exclusive Facebook group. Expect exclusive content, interactions with experts who have been doing this for years, and probably have encountered some of the issues you’re running into, and other exclusives as we better understand the demand–e.g. requests made within the group–we plan to be agile, and responsive.

So, are you ready to move your reselling business to the next level?