Barely two days after our multi-meltdown adventure at Paciarino we licked our wounds, still hungry for dessert, and gave it another shot.  And this time, we made it through dessert!  The scene of this evening’s success was Pine Point Grille, over in Scarborough.  It’s a newer restaurant on one of the main streets that will take you from Route 1 to the beaches.  That means a great deal of tourist traffic, although you will find the locals here too.  Well, us at least, but usually a few more.

I mention this only because I’ve written before about selecting restaurants when you’re first getting back into eating out as new parents – one point of emphasis is that tourist traffic tends to bring an implied welcoming of children.  You’re very likely to find high chairs and plastic cups with lids and straws at places that get a lot of tourists, especially here where most tourists travel with their families.

Advice is all well and good, but we ate a briskly paced three course meal with our daughter tonight!  I really thought we were about to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory after we declined the check following entrees, but the little one herself proclaimed that it was time for dessert and that she wanted a peanut butter mousse.  There is nothing about those three words that she doesn’t like, so it was no shock that she chose that over the other beach classics – a homemade chipwich and fried dough.  I wish I could tell you we did anything different this time, but the only differences were the day of the week and the location of the restaurant.

It’s all about getting back out and trying again.  No electronic video replay devices were used in the formulation of this victory dinner, either!  I’m still not sure that this deserves its own post, but I’m pretty excited about it.

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  • 27 Aug, 2014