Disney World has really stepped up its dining game since I first visited as a kid almost thirty years ago. My most recent visit had some definite winners, which I’ll share along with some general thoughts on when to reserve, when to eat, when to sit down and when to temper your expectations while your kids have an awesome time. These days there are entire blogs devoted to reviewing and recommending Disney World food and beverage, and I can’t provide that level of detail.  What you might find helpful, though, is that I don’t live and breathe Disney.  At the prices printed on Disney menus, my expectations are on par with quality restaurants not located on theme park grounds.  Sometimes the kool-aid is, in fact, overpriced, but on the whole [...]

Disney World Epcot Night

If you have small children, or even if you don’t, odds are you’re going to eventually end up at  Disney World.  It’s been written about all over the internet, and covered very well here at Saverocity by Joe, Haley and Dia.  If you are planning your first or tenth trip to Disney World, you should read everything they’ve written about the planning process.  I did, and we had a great time as a result.  Nonetheless, every once in a while I need to come out of blogger hibernation to add something to the conversation, and today my best contribution is going to surround what I did not like about Disney World. We can get this out of the way up front:  You should still go to Disney World if you [...]