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Shore Excursion Hack: Leveraging NCL Port Discounts

How we hacked Caribbean shore excursions using NCL port credits and Latitudes discounts.


We recently decided to meet up with the UK contingent of our family for a short reunion, but needed a location that was mutually acceptable for all parties. Winchester is steeped in history and very walkable, so it ultimately won the complicated battle of where to stay. It is located in the general direction of Read More

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Storytelling through food

Many have publicly mourned the death of Anthony Bourdain, and the recently-published final interview reignites this discussion. Bourdain’s ability to empathize with his dining companions served as the magical ingredient to each pictured dish.  His willingness to share culinary stories in the same breath as geopolitical insights demonstrated that eating is much more than a Read More


The ever-popular “where to travel before you have a kid” proclamations trigger the contrarian in me. Flight duration, travel risk, and frankly “how much fun you will miss out on if you bring your child” are common rationalizations why some places are better left to the adults. This kind of dialog contributes to the myth Read More


DIY excursions on a 7 day Caribbean cruise

Researching ports of call and finding the best excursions for you can save quite a bit of money and time in port. However, booking excursions on your own can be daunting if you are unsure of what to look for. Here is a walk through of how we navigated the ports on our last cruise Read More


We spent a lovely four days at the tail end of our recent trip through South Africa exploring Capetown and it’s environs. Though our stay began with a misstep, it resolved itself with beautiful scenery and delicious decadence.  We intended to hire a car immediately and drive to our first destination- Gansbaai, the Great White Read More


Thailand: Buddhism and Conservation

I recently traveled to Thailand for my third and final Earth Expedition, as part of my master’s coursework for Miami University’s Project Dragonfly. The course explored the ways in which religion and science can not only coexist but frequently benefit each other, and looked for ways to apply Eastern concepts to Western practices.  Last year’s Read More


For our first venture into the wonderful world of Celebrity, we took a 7 day cruise through the Caribbean on the Equinox. We had high hopes for this brand, expecting lots of higher-end food and who knows what else. basically, we just wanted to experiment with another line and see how it stacked up.  We Read More


Disney World for the completely clueless

This post is for the truly clueless; those of us that have heard about but never experienced the wonderful world of Disney. The last time I visited Magic Kingdom, I was four years old and still remember it fairly clearly. This reminiscing is the extent of the research we did prior to visiting four parks Read More


Alaska and British Columbia cruise from Seattle

Alaska has been beckoning since we went over 10 years ago, and we returned this time as passengers on the Norwegian Jewel with our toddler. We flew into Seattle, arriving at the Olive 8 late in the evening following our red eye from New York. Usually, these late flights work in our favor with the little one Read More