Personal Security Tips When Traveling\

I'd love to hear tips any of y'all have for personal security when traveling. Aside from the obvious (park in lighted areas, be mindful of your surroundings, don't leave things showing on car seats, check under/around cars at night...), I'll share some of my almost always do's...

-lock bags in car using cable lock (prevents smash a grabs).
-nothing in the back pockets - ever. Try to wear shorts with zipper pockets.
-always lock backpacks with cheap TSA locks.
-carry small flashlights (under 5", but bright - use to blind someone, attack someone, or just to watch where I'm walking)
-carry steel Zebra pens to act as an impromptu shiv (one in each pocket, in case one arm is actively engaged).
-always wear a belt (preferably one with a big heavy buckle).
-try to wear steel toed boot, but at least always wear closed toed shoes (tough to run in flip flops).
-carry a "dummy wallet/binder clip" with a couple old gift cards and a few $1 bills to hand over to a mugger.
-my little girl carries a personal alarm (not just when we travel, loud as hell).
-chair/bags near hotel door (POTENTIAL FIRE HAZARD, but also a noise/trip hazard for intruder).
-I always double lock my toothbrush in my bag (deathly afraid of housekeeping cleaning the toilet with it).
-almost always dress just one step above a bum so as to not draw attention (no watches, jewelry or high end sunglasses).
-wrap towel or belt around hotel room door auto close dampener (wrapped tight and you can't open the door, POTENTIAL FIRE HAZARD).

-heard of others carrying a roll of quarters in a sock as a mace
-heard of others rolling up a magazine tight to use as a club
-heard of others carrying small metal scissors, but I don't want to raise TSA suspicion.
-heard of others carrying credit card knives, but again, TSA...

Please share may help save someone.