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What to Know About Wyndham Rewards Promo Offers

Wyndham recently announced a new promotion: stay twice and get a free night.  If you’re someone who follows points you’ve probably read about it at least ten times by now. 

I don’t disagree about the possible uses of the offer and will probably mattress run it in Las Vegas next month. I actually like Wyndham Rewards, especially for points and cash uses

However, every time a new Wyndham Rewards Promo appears in the blogosphere, a key piece of information about Wyndham goes missing. It’s the same reason I’m bearish on the Wyndham credit card

Wyndham Rewards promo offers: what you need to know.

Our 2 bedroom unit at Wyndham owned Kona Coast Resort, which cost $279/week.

What You Need to Know About Wyndham Rewards Promo Offers


Many of the best Wyndham properties are not hotels at all, but timeshares.  A much better option is available for Wyndham timeshares: Endless Vacation Rentals (EVR). EVR is owned by Wyndham, who also owns RCI timeshare. EVR rents out their inventory at often jaw-droppingly low prices. TIP: Get on their mailing list as EVR sends out frequent promotions. 

I’ve been quietly hacking Wyndham rentals for over 15 years.  Our family has rented 2 bedroom Wyndham apartments in Ireland for $549/week. August 2015 we spent $279 for a WEEK in Hawaii in a 2 bedroom Wyndham condo.

BlueBay Beach Club, Gran Canaria, where our two bedroom condo was $88/night. This is my example of hacking Spring Break last year.

BlueBay Beach Club, Gran Canaria, where our two bedroom condo was $88/night. 

Spring break 2016 found us spending $88/night in Gran Canaria, staying in this two bedroom condo, with a jacuzzi tub on our balcony. 

Wyndham Rewards charges 15,000 per bedroom for a timeshare, so a two bedroom unit will run you 30,000 points per night. The trips listed above run 210,000 points a week under Wyndham Rewards- for a redemption value of 1/5 to 1/10 penny a point. This may be the single worst value redemption in existence, and I’m including points for presents.

If you’re military or a vet, you’ve got an even better option: $349 weeks through AFV club. First responder? Try Heroes Vacation Club.

Using any of these sites is pretty straightforward: you just pick a week you like and buy it. 

Wyndham Rewards Promos: what you need to know first.

View from my kitchen counter, Club Casablanca, Tenerife, one of many Skyauction resorts I’ve tested. This one bedroom unit cost $300/week in July.

If you’re really flexible, try SkyAuction.


Wyndham Rentals go as low as $199/week on Skyauction- I’ve rented in Tenerife, Ft. Lauderdale, and Vegas among others using SkyAuction.   Here’s a post detailing how I use Skyauction.

Even on a 1 night stay you might be better off buying the week, especially if you find it on Skyauction.  The one downside?  No cancellation.  Only buy with trips you have committed.

A quick caveat: I am talking here about the weekly rentals or the nightly rentals, not the “vacation packages” you might see on EVR. They are an entirely different animal. Consider the packages a discount for your time spent attending a timeshare presentation.  With a weekly rental you are NOT required to attend a presentation. Now I’m not saying you won’t get invited to do so, but you are under no obligation to do anything but enjoy your vacation

The Wyndham Rewards Promotion might still be right for you, but…

Please take a good look at EVR and the other options I’ve mentioned before you mattress run. Or worse, before you think of parting with your Wyndham points at 1/10 of the value you could get using them in other ways.  And do come back and let me know about the Wyndham timeshares you’ve visited- I’m always looking for new ideas. 



11 thoughts on “What to Know About Wyndham Rewards Promo Offers

  1. John

    Your mock outrage is wasted energy. So what if timeshares are better? That has nothing to do with this deal and this deal being valuable.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Hi John,
      I don’t mean to express outrage- I just want to make sure people have all of the information. I will admit that I am surprised I have to repeat the message every single time a Wyndham promotion comes around: Much of Wyndham’s portfolio- IE the properties people would want to use their points on- is available for much less than the value of points acquisition. That’s all.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Hi P,
      No. I’ve checked in late, checked out early, and missed days in between. The resort doesn’t care as they’ve already been paid. I just let them know, especially if it’s late check-in. For early check-out, I usually just go. At most resorts housekeeping isn’t daily so they’ll probably not even notice you’ve left.

  2. Stvr

    It’s a very different kind of trip. If you like to visit, let’s say, art museums, for example, these timeshare rentals aren’t exactly well situated. I know everyone travels for a diffeeent reason.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      I agree. They definitely don’t work for every trip, but for many they are a viable option. Our castle stay in Austria stands out as one of the more culturally unique.

  3. Tiffany

    Do you have an entire post dedicated to how you use Endless Vacation Rentals? I’ve never heard of it before and I’d really love to learn more about how it works before I sign up.

    We are headed to Hawaii in 3 weeks and though we booked Airbnb rentals so we’d have more room, a kitchen, and generally get more “bang for the buck” but it was still a painfully expensive bill to pay (over $2k for 14 days…one week in each of two locations). But I didn’t honestly think there was a better deal out there to be had given that we don’t travel often and don’t have any hotel rewards points or anything like that to work with. I’d love to get some education on this so that next time, I’ll do better!

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Hi Tiffany,
      Signing up is just an email- no one contacts you other than their specials. I’d guess I get one or two a month. This post on Traveling Mom covers EVR more generically. The process- upsides, downsides, etc.- on EVR and Skyauction is exactly the same except booking. With EVR you have 100% control, with Skyauction (if you buy a certificate) it’s more of a gamble.

      1K a week in Hawaii for Spring Break is nothing to sneeze at. I’d be happy with that. too. If you like Airbnb rentals, you’ll like EVR as the “downsides” (lack of daily housekeeping, etc) are similar.

  4. Kate

    I’d also enjoy more posts of this nature. Especially interested in the bedding, sheets , comforters etc. and overall cleanliness.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Hi Kate,
      Thanks for the feedback. TBH, resorts vary widely (especially in Europe) but that’s where Tripadvisor comes in. In 20 years of renting I’ve only had one go completely south- and it was completely refunded.

      If you want more consistent product, keep to the actual Wyndham branded resorts as opposed to the entire EVR inventory. They’ll have “Wyndham” in the name. Diamond resorts and Westgate resorts are two other brands that have consistently impressed me with their product.

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