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A Love Letter to Allianz Travel Insurance

allianz travel insurance
Just a quick update today to Deal Dad’s hospital stay in Gran Canaria. Thanks to you who asked about him- I’m happy to report he is doing much better.  But the real story here is how quickly Allianz Global Assistance paid our hospital bill of over $5000.

I knew Allianz was good because of illnesses in Asia last year.  In that case our bills of $500 were paid in about 10 days.  However I figured a 5K claim- especially with a 24 page hospital bill written entirely in Spanish- would require me to jump through some serious hoops.

Not so.  I filled out a paragraph long claim form, faxed over the bill (I could have scanned it but faxing was easier) and had an “claim approved” email in exactly 10 days. That was last Thursday- today it’s Monday and I’m holding a check for $5048 in my hands. Time from claim entry to check in hand? 2 weeks exactly.

We’re really good at shouting to the rafters when things go wrong.  I just wanted to share a story today of a company that for 25 years has done right by me.  Allianz, you’ve got a customer for life!

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4 thoughts on “A Love Letter to Allianz Travel Insurance

  1. Arielle Bianchimano

    I know you mentioned they cover award bookings unlike some other policies. How would you determine the value of your trip? Just the cost of the taxes, or first night no show fee?

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Hi Arielle,
      Yes, to be concise. I add up all the stuff I couldn’t get back with no notice. So I count hotels at the booked points value and flights at the redeposit fee. I count tours, too. Cars I don’t add because there’s usually no penalty for cancelling last minute,

  2. Cynthia

    Thanks for this info! We’re going to a pretty remote island in French Polynesia this summer, and I’ve been pretty paranoid about what might happen with my always sick/accident prone daughter. I just got a quote and the price is super reasonable for what they cover!

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