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Disney World Hotels Win: The Surprise Thank You Note

Best. Junk. Mail. Ever.

Best. Junk. Mail. Ever.

February is a bucketful of suck. The last time it was this cold in DC was in 1934: the Great Depression. Deal Kid got one day of school due to snow this week and Deal Girl none due to illness. More snow arrives tomorrow. The Vinylmation snuggie is my new uniform. At least no one sees it this year as I’m not leaving the house!

I’m SO grateful we got of town when we did as memories of our trip to Disney World warm my heart. Even without the parks the Deal Kids and I got a healthy dose of sunshine and pixie dust. We spent 4 nights at 2 Disney World hotels at an average cost of $93/night. 2 were super-cheap at All Star movies and 2 were marginally less cheap at Port Orleans. We were all blown away by how much fun we had: Deal Kid (who was the most skeptical) even told me at the end of the trip that he had more fun than if we had been in the parks because we had no lines!

Which leads me to today’s post. Buried between the pennysaver and a catalog I struck gold in my mailbox. A letter from Disney (which could have easily been mistaken for junk) held the above Thank You note which was hand-drawn by an official Disney World artist. The Deal Kids oohed and ahh-ed and immediately began fighting over who gets it in their room. I solved that problem by claiming it for our animation collection!

Now I’m sure there’s a shop full of guys cranking these puppies out. I’ve heard from 2 friends who have gotten the Mickey Thank You as well. But here’s the thing: we stayed in value and moderate hotels. This is the kind of amenity I might expect as a Disney Vacation Club owner or if we had shelled out $400/night at the Grand Floridian. But from a 2 night stay in Alligator Bayou? No way.

Well played, Mickey. You’ve blown me away once again.

Have you received any fun Disney treats? Please share in the comments.

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5 thoughts on “Disney World Hotels Win: The Surprise Thank You Note

  1. HaleyB

    I think they started sending those out a year ago. They are very cute and marketing genius, since they always make me want to book another stay 🙂

    Did you get the fridge magnet with Dumbo on it when you booked the trip? Those are fun too.

    You could make a color photo copy onto similar paper for the kids, it would be cute framed.

    My favorite Disney treat is the car magnet they send out to annual passholders. They also send out a magic band and a little doodad you slide onto it with 2015 on it so you can collect them. I think the 2014 one had a dangle on it but I forgot to order mine

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Hi Haley,
      I didn’t see the magnet, but I booked absolutely last minute. We can all take lessons from Disney in responsiveness an customer engagement!

  2. Jamie

    Wait, I feel like I missed the background of the story… you went to Disney World, but didn’t go into any of the parks? Is there a post on that? I read the one on staying on site or not, but don’t see anything about going to disney, but not doing the parks

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Hi Jamie,
      I’ve covered some of the things we did (Fantasia Gardens and the Kitchen Sink) and will get the wrap-up up soon.

      1. Jamie

        Ahhh, I see it. I clicked on the Disney World link in your post and there were a couple of posts from June last year near the top, so I thought I’d reached the end of the recent ones. I just checked again and scrolled down further and see more posts from the series. Don’t know why the chronological ordering got scrambled a bit.

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